Games Design at Priestley College

Game Jam 14

Priestley College Computer Games Deisgn December Game Jam.

The Game Jam is a 4 day event where you come up with a new idea for a computer game and produce a protoype playable demo... in 4 days.

Then pitch it to the professionals.


Educational Game

Priestley college Computer Games design created some excellent educational games for chilidren aged between 4 and 8.

The project brief asked students to create a game which tested numeracy and literacy in a fun creative way for children.


The Computer Games Design course is a 2 year Extended Diploma in Art and Design qualification and links directly to university courses in Visual Effects, Computer Games, Illustration and concept art, Animation and 3d modelling. During the course we cover:

  • 3D Computer Modelling
  • Concept art and concept drawing
  • Environment design
  • Level design
  • Interactive menu building
  • Games engine software skill building
  • Narrative building
  • Animation

For more information about the courses we offer please contect Priestley College and the games team.

Priestley College Computer Games Design

We are currnetly interviewing year 11 students for the new year. Get in touch with Priestley College admissions and the games team for more information.

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